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Sew What? ...

My name is David Russon. I am a designer,  pattern maker and prototyper. I absolutely love patterns and impeccable fit. My aim is to create and help others create quality clothing that honors the designers who envision them, the skills of the producers who create them and the people who wear them.



Maybe you have an idea but don't yet know how to turn it into reality. With my understanding of patterns and production I can help you design the project you have in you mind.  


Every design needs a pattern to turn it into reality. A good pattern is the difference between your design being an exciting success or a frustrating failure. 

I start by drafting  all my patterns by hand before taking them into the digital space. I have found that this process ultimately results in a better fit and can save time and money later in prototyping and production.


The creative process is iterative. Prototyping allows you to work out the bugs in a design and it's pattern and get it perfect before sending it to production.



My name is David Russon. I am a designer,  pattern maker and prototyper. 


I learned my trade through two Bachelors degrees -- one focused on clothing construction and the second design and pattern making -- and a lot of experience.

I think the thing that makes me good at my job though is my mathematical mind and attention to detail. I was drawn to fashion by a love of clothing but what has kept me here is an absolute love of patterns and fit.


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